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Long-listed for the Poetry Book Awards 2023.

“I rarely read poetry these days – shame on me – but reading this slim volume was a pure delight from first to last page.” Novelist Clare Flynn

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You can also request and commission poems as a gift – these can be printed on cards or fridge magnets with a photographic backing image if you like. The cost depends on complexity and medium required.

‘Witty, elegant poems of love and loss lit up by laser-sharp modernity.’ Maggie Alderson

Written before and during COVID-19 pandemic, the poems explore the strangeness of isolation, complex variations of grief, the idiosyncrasies of modern dating, and other snapshots of life both funny and sad.

Josa Keyes performs her poetry in London and elsewhere. Get in touch if you would like to book a performance.

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Sail Upon the Land

Josa Young’s second novel Sail Upon the Land was published in December 2014. This novel about motherhood has had more than 448 ratings and reviews on Goodreads, and 172 reviews on Amazon.

An accidental inheritance changes everything for an insecure young man.
The mysterious death of a new mother damages the precious continuity of family love.
And a gap-year student’s misguided romance ends in life-changing disaster. Or does it?

Is the courage she displays during WWII enough to carry her through a long life of love and loss?

Living in her own fairytale, will she find the strength she needs to survive reality?

Rejecting her background following an appalling ordeal, can this driven young woman ever find her way home?

Who is she really, and will she deliver the one precious gift that will heal all their wounds?

You can order a signed paperback here for £7.99 including postage and packing.

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One Apple Tasted

For Dora Jerusalem, fresh out of Cambridge with a head full of Victorian novels and romantic dreams, landing a job at Modern Woman magazine seems like amazing luck. But her sheltered background hadn’t prepared her to resist the charms of rich, spoilt kids with nasty habits and nothing to lose. Inevitably she falls in love with art dealer Guy Boleyn, but it isn’t the right time, place or circumstances for either of them.

All the while a long-buried secret lies in wait to booby-trap any attempt at happiness. Kicking off in Eighties London, One Apple Tasted explores the pain of young love, the influence of family on our life choices and the joy of redemption.

You can order a signed paperback here for £7.99 including postage and packing.

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